Slow Host
we cut corners so u dont have 2
hosting: u pay all the way ... its cheap and that's a fact ... its better than easyspace ... you can pay with PayPal ...

Check out this amazingly average hosting deal. Its good and cheap, so what do you expect? At least we can beat Easyspace on value for money. You may find some nicer hosting services out there, but we have character. Who else would be mad enough to name something Slow Host?

The ONLY hosting deal we have is this, so you'd better like it!
splat Domains both registered, transferred and hosted - at least this is not Geocities!
splat 909MB space - enough space for you and your mates
splat 29.218 Gb bandwidth - if you can manage 50K odd people a day (its nearly 30Gb, not 30TB (for people in France))
splat 1,348 POP Email accounts - will you really need this?
splat No guaranteed uptime! - we know noone will notice

No control panel - ... actually - this ain't true any more. Giving you a proper cpanel is easier than you interupting us... if you get stuffed with your cpanel, just ICQ usICQ: 27516936

splat Lack of decent support - ... but we will try our best. Really!
splat You'll need to move to another hosting company to upgrade! - we'll move you over 4 free!
splat You need a "Slow Host" splat on at least one of your pages! - we need some links here.
splat You can only pay on PayPal! - 'cos its easier for us.
$7.50 - £5.00 - €7.50

Sorry, we do not allow for SPAM, IRC clients, warez or other nasty stuff that would get us into trouble.

Click the Splat to buy now!
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Please ICQ some new slogans and we'll add them to this page. Also, if you need more information on this ludicrous offer, ICQ now! ICQ: 27516936

Pay securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
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